Jeremy who?

Jeremy Ley (a.k.a. Captain Jeremy) is a Freelance Illustrator, Storyboard Artist, amongst other things.

When Jeremy was young he travelled a lot; Europe, Asia, America, basically wherever his parents went. As an only child he was forced to come up with friends of his own. This is when he started to draw.

Jeremy has illustrated and storyboarded for clients such as Cadbury, Telstra, Disney, Clemenger BBDO, Newcastle University, Vice and his excitable little cousins.


So how does Jeremy draw?

Jeremy draws with pens, pencils, white board markers, olive oil and even with a toothbrush. No seriously, he can draw with a toothbrush.

But mainly he works with a Wacom Cintiq or Companion in his studio.

However, if the project is right he’s more than happy to come out to your place and draw for you.




Download Samples

A small selection of Jeremy’s drawings to take away and show your friends. If you don’t have any friends show your neighbour, or your bus driver, or your local council member.


Where can I find this Jeremy?

To find Jeremy Ley all you need to do is gently whisper his name in the wind. Failing that try calling or emailing him.

He’s currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

And is represented by The Jacky Winter Group


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