Art is Life.
Life is a Cartoon.

Jeremy Ley traveled a lot when he was a little boy. Europe, Asia, America… basically wherever his parents went. Alone and an only child he had to come up with his own friends. That’s when he started to draw.

Yadda, yadda, yadda… and here he is now.

Jeremy has directed a short animation, illustrated children’s books, animated flip-books for the footy, storyboarded Macbeth, drawn concepts for TV commercials, coloured in a 9 metre interactive Elf display, made a bunch of t-shirts and drawn a heap of cartoons.




Where can I find this Jeremy Ley?

Carving cartoons in the ice on a tiny iceberg floating off the coast of Antarctica.

He does frequent back to Melbourne, Australia, to visit his friends and family. It’s probably best to reach him there. The reception is better.

He is represented by Jacky Winter


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